• Foods & Ingredients: What to Expect in 2018

    There are always some foods and ingredients that come to the forefront each year. So, which of those are we going to be seeing more of in 2018? The five ingredients mentioned below all offer something unique and exciting, and that’s why more people are going to be using them soon.


    You may have heard of this one before. Pictured above, Poke is the name given to a certain type of raw fish salad. Interest in this salad is currently on the rise. And by the time 2018 arrives, it might be the major trend that many of us want it to be. There are many restaurant owners and food fanatics that are already raving about it, and that can only mean one thing: it’s going to get really popular sometime soon. Originating in Hawaii, and that’s where it’s served best. So, next time you’re on a Hawaiian island, be sure to check it out.

    Cassava Flour

    If you’re looking for a new and healthier (plus Gluten Free!) type of flour to use in your cooking and baking, look no further than cassava flour. It’s used a lot in some parts of Asia and South America. Did we mention it’s grain-free as well? Even if you don’t have any allergies to contend with, this is a super-healthy ingredient and one that lots of people will be using more of in 2018. It’s a source of carbohydrate, and it doesn’t contain any nuts either.


    This type of food has been popular among vegetarians for a long time. Seaweed is fantastic for anyone who wants to get their fill of protein without eating too much meat. And there is no reason why other people won’t start to eat it too. Its health properties are stunning, and there are no negative properties. It can be cooked in all kinds of ways; just look at what the Japanese do with it. It’s a massively important food in Japan, and that’s a country with one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, so they must know what they’re talking about.

    Chaga Mushrooms

    Don’t be alarmed by the looks of them. Chaga mushrooms just might turn out to be the major superfood of 2018. They are already starting to get more attention as more people learn about their vital properties. The major benefit of these mushrooms is their immune system supporting attributes. They are also really good at battling any irritation that’s occurring inside your digestive system. They soothe you and help you to retain a good digestive balance, which can be really important. On top of all that, they’re pretty versatile and can be used in lots of ways. Would you give them a try?


    That’s right, we said it. Insects might not seem like the most pleasant food to be putting on the menu, but there are some real benefits to eating them. They are high in protein, and consuming them has no negative impact on the planet. Farming this is not environmentally damaging in the way beef, pork and chicken farming is. Insects are also plentiful. People have been talking about making insects mainstream for a while, but there hasn’t been much of a breakthrough yet. Proponents of insect-eating think all that could be about to change in 2018. Let’s see if they’re right.

    Now that you know all you could possibly want to know (and maybe didn’t want to know) about the major and minor food trends likely to take effect in 2018, why not get ahead of the crowd? Spread the word or share this blog to see what your friends think about these unique and up-and-coming eats!

    More Protein and Food Replacement Drinks

    Protein drinks are popular among fitness enthusiasts and gym-goers. But they have not yet been adopted by people who just want to improve their health or use as a food replacement. However, this could be on the verge of changing. A raft of new healthy food companies are releasing user-friendly, high protein and fibre drinks that target people who are on the go, an example brand is Huel. By this time next year, this could be a trend that’s riding a wave.

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