• Inulin Type – Fructans for your Skin Care Routine? YES!

    Over the years maintaining and providing moisturized skin has been a focus of attention for many cosmetical scientists.

    One of the main reasons for caring about your skin hydration is its “appearance”. When your skin is well-moisturized it simply shows off.

    Hydrated skin is less propensity to wrinkle appearance, maintains tight, and looks naturally glowing and healthy.

    Agave Fructans have been proved to benefit the skin barrier by promoting what some describe as “Microbial Hydration.”

    According to a study, by maintaining the microbial equilibrium (between “Good & Bad” bacteria) on our epidermis surface we promote the formation of the biofilm that microorganisms need to retain water; this rebounds in a  beneficial moisturizing effect upon our skin cells.

    So, next time you come across the word “Inulin” at the supermarket you should not only think about your Gut. Agave Inulin can also become your next “daily beauty ally”. Just by adding it to your daily creams and lotions.

    Would you like inulin for your skincare brand?

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