• We are a leader in the development of products from the agave

    Since 1990 The IIDEA Company has been a leader in the development of new products from the agave plant. “Innovation” is the main commitment for our founder through new products that meet the needs of our customers from a focus on quality and food safety.

    “Innovation” is not only a word, is creativity source that comes from us, all the staff trying to improve and challenge ourselves, in order to be pioneers as The IIDEA Company has always been; comes also from the ideas of our customers, employees or market trends which goes directly to the Innovation and Development of New Products Department (I+D) and all the pieces start to be match together like in a big puzzle always keeping in mind the great quality that all our products have and represents us.Our I+D department is integrated by professional staff with a creative leadership with more than 18 years of experience in agave industry, focused in achieving the objectives of the company, providing to our customers the materialization of their ideas, necessities and the newest trending.As we said, all new development starts as an idea, and then we start making different trials and laboratory applications until we obtain the product with the sensorial and physical characteristics that satisfy the palate of a select group of judges. The next step is to replicate all the parameters in our pilot plant and finally; it is scaled to industrial production. When a new product is developed our team establishes all the technical information to give support and assistance to our customers.We are proud of our new products developed past year derived from agave: the new agave spread which is ideal to give you more options for your breakfast time or our new agave syrup with chlorophyll to create an exotic flavor of our classical sweetener, ideal for fresh sensations.We believe that innovation stars to listen actively all the options or new proposals, be integrated into a strong team inspired in our company values, vision and mission always focused on our customers.

    Carlos Hernández
    Innovation and design Manager

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